Ongoing support

John Arthur - Managing Director, AllenbridgeEpic Investment Advisers
“Stephanie combines professionalism, reliability, efficiency and initiative with a sense of humour. She has extensive experience of providing business management and business development support within institutional investment and has the ability to deliver on a wide range of tasks, from tender submissions to event management, client liaison and process implementation. Her experience means she capable of seeing the big picture while identifying and following up the important detail other people may not notice; she is proactive and invariably offers ideas which are extremely helpful."

Odi Lahav - CEO, Allenbridge Investment Solutions
"I had the pleasure of working with Stephanie for a little over two years, and I can say that in that time she proved herself to be one of the best business support people that I have ever worked with. She is highly organised, hard-working, professional, reliable and efficient. She understood the business and was also proactive in solving problem, and during the time we worked together she showed very good judgement in my opinion. Stephanie has very strong interpersonal skills and is a pleasure to work with in a team environment. There are very few people that I have come across that I could recommend more highly in their chosen professions and who perform their job to such a high standard. Stephanie is exceptional."

Gareth Robertson - Business Development Director, Allenbridge Group plc
"Through outsourcing much of our HR and office administration to Stephanie and her Chaos to Calm team we experienced a great improvement in our efficiency in both areas. She quickly became an indispensable part of our operation and we came  to value her expertise and efficiency, and the friendly but professional way in which she delivers both."

Bart Heenk - Managing Director UK, Avida International
“Stephanie is a real asset to our young, expanding business in the UK. She handles many different projects, from website content and event organisation to public relations very effectively and efficiently, also helped by her excellent knowledge of and access to the UK institutional investment business.”

Mark Giles - Managing Director, BMG Strategy Consulting
“Chaos to Calm provided excellent support in a range of ongoing administrative areas as well as sporadic projects. Short notice urgent travel requests for a demanding team were handled without hitch while filing and organisational activities were completed quickly and efficiently. I have no hesitation in making a glowing recommendation.”

Alexis Kingsbury - Director, Bridging Insight
"Stephanie helped me in some really busy times - quickly organising my calendar, helping me get things done, and identifying how else she could help. Highly recommended!"

Dr E - Consultant
“Stephanie's company lives up to its name; she really does bring about the transformation from chaos to calm. For the first time in years I feel that my paperwork and general office management is under a degree of control. I can recommend her without hesitation.”

Christopher Miller - CEO, Investment Quotient
 “I worked with Stephanie as a colleague at Allenbridge and then hired her to act as shadow company secretary with one of my directorships. Stephanie is methodical, tolerant, patient and above all excellent at what she does. She is certainly over-qualified, and that is what is needed for top class work.”

Karen Shackleton - Director, KSA Limited
“Stephanie has managed my diary, arranged travel, prepared invoices, processed expenses and dealt with general queries in an efficient, trustworthy and professional manner. She has prepared core information for a high volume of formal tenders for new business opportunities. She has an eye for detail, understands the legal framework within which I operate, writes in a professional and eloquent manner and delivers to tight deadlines. Stephanie has also acted as the main co-ordinator for several conferences and provides event management services on the day. Her ability to keep calm under pressure and her organisational skills prove invaluable. Her company (Chaos-to-Calm) is most aptly named!"

David Whiteley - Director, The Venturing Firm
“Stephanie supported me at The Venturing Firm during its early years. With professionalism and thoroughness she took on a wide range of marketing related tasks, shaping sometimes poorly defined briefs to produce impactful results. Repeatedly, clients and contacts mentioned without prompt how pleasant it was to deal with Stephanie. I recommend Stephanie without hesitation.”


Project support

Director, Branding Consultancy
“A huge thanks for your help last week. You’ve inspired me to get my systems properly in place...your new system will make a huge difference.”

Dr Richard Majors - Director, Centre for Applied Emotional Literacy, Research and Leadership
“There is no question that Stephanie and Chaos to Calm provide a high quality service - quite simply, she offers the best project coordination service that I’ve ever used! She is a delight to work with, while also being very tenacious and committed. Importantly, she is capable of seeing the big picture while identifying and follow up the important minutae other people may not notice. She is very well organised in terms of establishing overall timelines, scheduling and coordinating the steps along the way and anticipating potential problems, thereby saving time and money. She has successfully helped us win two prestigious EC grants worth several hundred thousand Euro and I highly recommend her services without any reservation.”

The Lord Renwick - Consultant
“‘In three days, Chaos to Calm sorted all my files into order, all my papers into files, except for those archived, recycled or shredded because they were too sensitive for recycling. I can now find my files, there is room to put more in them and I have found some quite nice furniture I had forgotten I possessed!...[Their] remarkable tenacity in tackling a job that would have deterred even the most resourceful, was of the highest order, and I recommend them unreservedly.”

Heather Townsend - Executive Coach and Director, The Excedia Group
“I had had a busy six months and my admin had got out-of-hand. Which meant that my working space (desk & floor) had become overwhelmed with 'stuff' - I didn't know where to start... so had let it get worse and worse. Steph came over for the day and intelligently helped de-clutter my office, and put in place sensible filing systems and processes to help me keep on top of my admin. My office has never looked as tidy or organised, and it is a massive weight off my mind.”

Kim Hunt - Director, JK Research Limited
“‘Chaos to Calm has a practical and straightforward approach and get things done. They have helped us sort out our office and offered solutions which were both effective and easy to implement.”

James Meenan - CEO, JNM Investment Governance
“Stephanie has provided very valuable support using her knowledge of her sector to assemble detailed market information both promptly and in a most practical format.”

Adam Steiner - CEO, SVG Investment Managers
“Stephanie has assisted and led a number of projects for SVG Investment Managers over the last seven years. She is consistently reliable, precise and proactive. Her skills...helped make this a smooth and effective process, saving much in-house time. I would certainly recommend her services.”

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